Thursday, January 12

First jobs of Bollywood Super Stars – Part 1

Do you know what was the first job of your favorite super stars before they made it big on the entertainment industry? Or do you know what they want to be before destiny turned them into leading super stars in the bollywood film industry.

Read the article below and know about the first careers and other interesting facts about the bollywood stars.

1. Rajnikanth: And all of us know he is not only the true super star of India but also second highly paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan. Rajnikant did many jobs like labourer and bus conductor before entering the film industry in south and later in bollywood.

2. Akshay Kumar: This khiladi of bollywood originally worked as a chef in Bangkok, give martial arts training to students. It was a coincidence that one he got the opportunity for modeling and he find that very interesting. In his own words the modeling job was very amazing for him and all he had to do is go to an AC room, give a photo shoot and earn handsome amount of money. The amount he used to get for his first modeling assignment was worth more than one month of his hard work as a chef or martial art teacher. This persuaded him to take acting seriously and change career path to acting in bollywood.

This was the part one of the series will introduce you to the first job of other bollywood actors and actresses in the later parts of this series.