Tuesday, May 8

Bollywood Star in Hollywood Movie - Irfan Khan to play villain in Spiderman movie

In the upcoming movie of the series Spiderman series of movies, a very famous and known actor of bollywood Mr Irfan Khan will play the role of super villain. Its not the first time that Irfan Khan is acting in a hollywood movie. Actor has worked in movies like Mighty heart, New york I love you, Namesake and Hiss etc. Incidentally many other actors from bollywood are getting roled in hollwood movies as well like we saw Anil Kapoor play a role in MI-4.  I must not forget both these actors (Anil Kapoor and Irfan Khan ) acted in the Oscar winning hollywood movie Slumdog Millionaire as well.

In the Spiderman 4, Irfan Khan will play the role of lesser known villain from the world of spider man. He is supposed to play Nels Van Adder or the Proto-Goblin.

Notedly we might see a new Spiderman in the new spiderman movie as well. This time Andrew Garfield of the Social Network fame is said to play new spiderman under new director Marc Webb.

Movie is all set to release in July 2012 and I am sure the 3D release will definitely boost the popularity and fan following of  the Spuider-man franchise in India and around the world. 

Please aslo check the youttube videos below: